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Even then, I knew that a website is essentially a content-based business, and with nothing more than a bunch of files lying around, I was effectively performing without a net. However, given that this is a book about web content management, it’s probably best that we define some different flavors of content management rather than lumping them into one big bucket. On the left menu, click on the Institution Content link to open a submenu for Library. As mentioned earlier, unstructured data refers to the types of data that do not have discrete data points within the data that can be designed to map the stream of data such that anyone would know where one data point begins and ends after which the next data point would begin. More specifically, there are things that a CMS doesn’t do but that people mistakenly assume it does, which leads to problems and unfulfilled expectations. Some examples: Used for management of extremely fine-grained content (paragraphs, sentences, and even individual words), often to assemble documentation or highly technical content. While this is not technically “website content,” our definition will have to suffice. Information management is somewhat of a vague term that touches on many areas but tends to be focused on the processing of large amounts of data. Most CMSs have a rich text editor or some other interface element that allows editors to format text and images. Find and compare top Content Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Editorial efficiency has a huge impact on morale, which is intangible but critical. Many times, a CMS implementation has ended with a group of people looking at each other and thinking, “So…now what?” Every web development shop in the country can tell you stories about the shiny new CMS that was never once used by the client because they never changed their site after the day it launched. ECM can be broken down into five major components: capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver. The sales transaction is designed to be as repeatable and devoid of subjective opinion as possible. Your ability to structure your content accurately for optimal reuse is highly dependent on the features your CMS provides for you. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.2 I learned that keeping track of content was a challenge. A CMS doesn’t take the place of a creative team that understands your marketplace, your customers, your competitors, and what you need to do to differentiate yourself. In E-discovery: Creating and Managing an Enterprisewide Program, 2009. Today, ECM is a widely understood concept that allows organizations to employ suites of tools to better management their information and records. This may be the case, but what is often required is simply improved change management. It may be retrieved and reviewed individually, but only by necessity and likely on an exception basis. Specifically, a CMS provides core control functions, such as: Who can see this content? Pour accéder au métier de content manager, un diplôme de niveau bac +4 à bac +5 est requis. Some of the first CMSs were client-side templating tools, such as CityDesk, MarsEdit, and Radio UserLand. How do you put everything together to deliver a content management solution? ), You see that word a lot, as part of phrases like “enterprise software” or “enterprise content.” It has no precise definition, but it generally means “big” or “intended for large organizations.”. It will likely not be consumed by someone in the future, except in aggregate through reporting of some kind. How well any one CMS successfully brings that ideal to life is the subject of great debate and Internet flame wars.5. The sheer amount of trivia was staggering. Il s'agit de prendre en compte sous forme électronique les informations qui ne sont pas structurées, comme les documents électroniques, par opposition à celles déjà structurées dans les bases de données. The creation of content pivots largely on the opinions of human editors: What should the subject of the content be? While some systems have marketing tools built into them, they still depend on human beings for direction. However, to a non-technical editor, all of these parts are generally viewed as a single, monolithic whole: “the CMS.”. Ashley Friedlein, in Maintaining and Evolving Successful Commercial Web Sites, 2003. This means that skills in processing, structuring, converting, formatting, collecting, and acquiring data and information are needed, and these are very similar to what is required in content management. Le po rtail Web est s up porté par EvolutraMC WCMS Version 3.0, un puissant sys tè me d e gestion d e contenu Web qui p er met la modifica ti on et la gestion du contenu par de multiples voies. Bob Boiko dedicated the entire first part of his seminal work The Content Management Bible (Wiley) ... We can allow users to consume content in other formats, such as PDF or other ebook formats. Semantic technologies for enhancing knowledge management systems, Successes and Failures of Knowledge Management, Extensible markup language (XML) is a fundamental enabling technology for, Document management systems began to rise to prominence in the mid-1970s as a way to help large organizations manage a large number of files. Customer profiles can be managed as content objects like any other by a content management system, but of course, there are real people behind these profiles, and they need to be treated as real individuals. The CMS is just a framework for enforcement. The types of documents involved are often unstructured, although they are actually semistructured. How does that version differ from the current version? It is cold, sterile, and inert by design. “Enterprise content” is often used to refer to internal content that is not published outside the organization. Get Web Content Management now with O’Reilly online learning. To understand the higher level concepts, we start looking at the end product: a series of Web pages. Software systems are known only through their intended use and their perception in the industry. Il a pour mission de créer et d’animer des contenus numériques (textes mais aussi images, vidéos, …) pour une entreprise, une marque, une institution, un produit ou une personnalité. Bringing these two concepts together, we arrive at our best attempt at a concise definition: Content is information produced through editorial process and ultimately intended for human consumption via publication. © 2020, O’Reilly Media, Inc. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners. The two “Modify” events available in the “Products” ViewContainer (for selecting the product to update from the list) and in the “ProductDisplay” ViewContainer (for updating the specific product in view) allow the user to edit the data of a product. While many of these systems have traditionally focused on structured content, a growing number are expanding to include unstructured content as well. Logically, a CMS is comprised of many parts. Only some of what an LMS does is specific and unique to an LMS. After reading the next two sections, you should be able to 1 describe what management is. Suddenly, I could find reams and reams of information on 007. A CMS enables this by structuring, storing, examining, and providing query facilities around our content. Librarians were the first content managers. If you come back to the statement after you have read all that follows, perhaps it will adequately sum up what you have learned. d'une entreprise. Content management systems are used to create and manage various types of digital content besides documents in the traditional sense. Used for management, presentation, and aggregation of multiple streams of information into a unified system. Content is subjective and open for evaluation and interpretation. Many people have tried to draw a distinction between the fuzzy concepts of “data,” “information,” “content,” and even “knowledge.” Bob Boiko dedicated the entire first part of his seminal work The Content Management Bible (Wiley) to this question—some 5 chapters and 61 pages. That has never stopped anyone from using it in ways outside of the one the vendor designed it for. Most software categories as well known as content management are dominated by a few products that have captured market share and users’ mind share. If we ever deleted the article or changed the title, we’d have to go find all the references and remove or change them. If Jennifer wants an account on the CMS to start creating content, how does she get that? Fast-forward a couple of thousand years, and the Industrial Revolution and the rise of technology increased the accumulation of information exponentially. You must still provide the editorial horsepower to generate the content that it’s supposed to be managing. XML is a set of rules for defining data structures and thus making it possible for key elements in a document to be characterized according to meaning. Furthermore, some ECM systems have systems by which they can publish some of their information to the Web. I think this is now called “Facebook.”. The ability to reuse content is highly dependent on the structure of that content. RDF provides many advantages, such as: (1) a standard way to represent semantics, (2) supporting human readable and machine processable vocabularies, (3) standardized vocabularies within a particular community, and (4) eliminating the need for a centralized registry. You are determining the processes and policies that humans will abide by when working with your content. We can automatically create lists and navigation (more generally, “content aggregations”—see Chapter 7) for our website. Content can change with the passage of time and the evolution of circumstance. What did it look like three months ago? These are the necessary foundation to understand content management. Using content in more than one place and in more than one way increases its value. The transaction happened in an instant, a historical record was created, and that’s that. Content management technology is an enabler, but you still need good processes to make it effective. Like it or not, to do content management you will have to address change management in any case. Compare this process to the creation of the record of a retail sale. Just like a Ford Taurus is a specific manifestation of a device enabling personal transportation, Drupal, WordPress, and Episerver are specific manifestations of software enabling content management. Therefore, the core management features of a DAM system overlay quite closely those of an ECM system, with the DAM system layering a level of functionality on top. Structure and process enable efficiencies and increased quality control even as a site's scales and volumes and complexity of content turnover increase. A growing number of archiving systems are now expanding their capabilities by offering integration points with other e-discovery tools such as content management systems, search and collection tools, analytics, and review tools. Furthermore, it seeks to prevent bad things from happening to our content. > Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - Un système conçu pour gérer le contenu interne (rapports, etc.) Extensible markup language (XML) is a fundamental enabling technology for content management and application integration. Additionally, each HTML file was a mass of mid-’90s-era markup, complete with nested TABLE and FONT tags all over the place. Discussing “what is content management” in much more detail will probably only confuse the issue; however, it is worth briefly noting that it is a relatively new discipline that has evolved out of a series of others, some of which have long preceded it. A CMS simply manages content, it doesn’t create content. It might be repurposed, abbreviated, rearranged, and reformatted, but the ultimate goal for it is to be consumed and evaluated by another human being. An “enterprise content management system” is vaguely accepted to mean a system that is designed to manage this type of internal organizational content. C’est là qu’intervient le Content manager qui gère le volet numérique de ces communications. If I delete this content, how does that affect other content? Images can be mass-resized and video can be spliced and edited directly inside the system, making a DAM system’s point of differentiation one of processes that can be applied to content. None of those things builds a house by itself. Does someone copyedit and someone else edit for quality, voice, and tone? The content of documents can be described using semantic annotations, which can then be used in searching for documents with certain content. Here are 6 steps to create your own content management plan... 1) Take the Time to Make the Time. L’image de marque est une préoccupation prioritaire au sein de chaque entreprise. A typical content management pattern addresses the creation, modification, and deletion of an object and its association instances. Content Management Magazines, Content Management eBooks, Content Management Publications, Content Management Publishers Description: Read interactive Content Management publications at FlipHTML5, download Content Management PDF documents for … By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. All the content in the world doesn’t do much if it’s not managed. Is it in draft? XML makes it possible to deliver information to agents in a form that allows automatic processing after receipt and therefore distribute the processing load over a federation of agents that work cooperatively in problem solving. Archiving, enterprise content management, and other technology solutions can help organizations meet requirements for e-discovery. Rather, content is roughed in and refined over and over like clay on a potter’s wheel, often even after being published. It’s a vague term, and there is no exact opposite—few CMSs would describes themselves as “provincial” or “boutique.” And nothing is stopping the world’s smallest CMS from describing itself as “enterprise,” either. You are the one that makes it all go. The next part of the book examines how best to manage your most important assets: your customer relationships. Drupal is well known as a WCM system, but there are undoubtedly organizations using it to manage internal enterprise content. About this page. Where does it come from? While specific technical skills might not transfer, working with a content management system requires the exercise and development of skills in the content management discipline. The portal is powered by EvolutraTM WCMS Version 3.0, a powerful web content management system that allows content to be taken and managed by and from multiple sources. What was relevant at one point might need to change or be withdrawn later. This is not a definition as there is no accepted definition of content management yet. Who can delete it? Editor efficiency is increased by a system that controls what type of content editors can and can’t add, what formatting tools are available to them, how their content is structured in the editing interface, how the editorial workflow and collaboration are managed, and what happens to their content after they publish. What process does he have to go through to do this? We can create multiple translations of content to ensure we deliver the language most appropriate to the current user. The Institution Content submenu. Content was our only business asset, and I remember thinking it was so brittle; one unforeseen problem and it could simply “blow away” like a dandelion in the wind. Sure, it might be scooped up by another computer via an API and rearranged and published somewhere else, but eventually the information is going to make its way to a human somewhere. These integrated solutions provide organizations a more robust and complete system for e-discovery. Content subsequently exploded. It wasn’t long before I was coediting a popular James Bond website—Mr. But the CMS space is different, very different, especially the most familiar Web Content Management System segment. I was a college student at the time, and was slightly obsessed with James Bond. If you strip away all of the technology and terminology that we use to describe information systems, what do you have left? Ted is the key here. There is no reason a content management system should not be used to manage and publish the knowledge created by a knowledge management tool. From what angle should the subject be approached? We had gone from hiding money inside our mattresses to depositing it at an FDIC-insured financial institution. Why are we better off with a CMS than without? The “Choose” event causes a modal confirmation window to appear, which previews the objects to delete and giving the user the option either to trigger or to cancel the delete action. Bush essentially described the World Wide Web about 50 years before Tim Berners-Lee made it happen. It’s also often used to set expectations on pricing—“enterprise” usually means “expensive.”. There was no way to separate what was content from what was presentation, and each redesign of the site (there were many) involved manually reworking these files. Some examples: A news article appears on its own page, but also as a teaser on a category page and in multiple “Related Article” sidebars. Knowledge management focuses on the tools and practices for discovering and squeezing out an organization's most valuable knowledge assets and making them available to the organization. The systems then templated that content and transferred the resulting HTML to a server environment, usually via FTP. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs. Copyright © 2009 Blackboard Inc. Used by permission. It’s rare to find an editor who has unconditional love for a CMS, but the alternative, editing a website manually, is clearly much less desirable. For simplicity, Figure 8.32 omits the specification of the error page displayed when any of the invoked actions fails. They resemble a turbocharged file management system. De parfaites connaissances en informatique, web, communication, marketing et management étant requises, plusieurs diplômes mènent à cette fonction, tels qu'un master en journalisme, communication et marketing ou publicité. However, through the evolution of this industry came the introduction of enterprise content management (ECM) as a collective means. Le content manager est amené à évoluer sur de nombreux domaines du web et de nombreux supports. Conversely, Documentum is an ECM system, but some organizations might use it to deliver all or part of their websites. This can lead to things like: Editors have never seen a button on an editing interface that they didn’t want to press. While traditional technologies such as backup, recovery, and security are invaluable components of information management, their value in aiding the e-discovery process varies. It becomes the single source of information about our content; the thing that has its arms around the entire repository; the oracle we can consult to find information about our content. There’s an archive of screencaps in a public Facebook group, for those interested. We can automatically create lists and navigation (more generally, “content aggregations”—see Chapter 7) for our website. Content management is about creating, managing, and publishing meaningful content and working with numerous distributed authors and an equally numerous and diverse audience. Example of class-based content management pattern. A CMS can make executing your marketing plans easier and more efficient, but those plans still need to be conceived, created, and analyzed by a competent human. Features can vary amongst the various CMS offerings, but the core functions are often considered to be indexing, search and retrieval, format management, revision control and publishing. Figure 8.32. The illustrated design allocates the content management commands in as few ViewContainers as possible and strives to keep the context of the ongoing modification always in view. They are consequently heavy on management tools and light on publication tools. We cover the content model, the separation of content and presentation, templates, metadata, XML, the content life cycle, and workflow. Whereas a computational function seeks to deliver the same output from the same input every time, an editorial process never quite does. At that time, Library Content was used for sharing e-reserve content, but the university did not open up the e-reserve module within the Content System of Blackboard. Although a CMS might offer several tools to minimize poor-quality content from a technical standpoint (ensuring that hyperlinks are valid, or that all images have ALT tags, for instance), a CMS cannot edit your content to be sure it makes sense and meets the needs of your audience. If you think you need content management, address change management first. The pattern displays the objects to be managed in the “ProductList” ViewComponent, where the user can select multiple instances for deletion. Governance is primarily a human discipline. Our sales transaction from the prior section has no such destiny. Similar to the requirements of an architecture component repository for standards and frameworks, an ontology that supports the needs of stakeholders must be developed on a case-by-case basis so that the pitfalls of directory structures and naming conventions can be similarly avoided where possible. These integrated components allow an organization to implement end-to-end content capture and management practices addressing the three universal requirements for success measurements: end user empowerment, business agility, and cost-and-risk reduction. E-reserves in Library Content are external links to items in library catalogue, V. Sugumaran, in Successes and Failures of Knowledge Management, 2016. 4 Early CMSs were not server-based. Thus, RDF provides an information architecture that can extend capabilities for networking resources and information retrieval. The specifics of this ideal can be very different depending on the experiences, preferences, and needs of the observer. Even if System A differs from System B in extreme ways, they both still need to solve transcendent problems of the discipline, like workflow, versioning, publishing, etc. Content is data we create for a specific purpose: to distribute it with the intention of it ultimately being consumed by other humans. When used together with e-discovery technologies, these traditional solutions help form the foundation of an effective technology infrastructure in an effort to meet complex requirements for managing information. A good CMS enables editors to publish more content in a shorter time frame (it increases “editorial throughput”), and to control and manage the published content with a lower amount of friction or drag on their process. Can you diagram this process out on a piece of paper? While almost any content management system can store video and image files, and ECM actually excels at it, DAM goes a step further by providing unique tools to render and transform digital assets. You are alone quite enough to make and publish any news or content website without even any coding skills. These include documents that have structured data, such as within their document properties. A content management system (CMS) is a software package that provides some level of automation for the tasks required to effectively manage content. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, Maintaining and Evolving Successful Commercial Web Sites, Managing Information and Records in An Enterprise, E-discovery: Creating and Managing an Enterprisewide Program, Bridging the Gaps between Information Management and E-discovery, Structure and process are at the heart of, The eReserves content area can be found in the Blackboard. This reuse of content was one of the original problems that vexed early web developers. ; most colleges and universities manage syllabi and the entire thing could be gone was relevant at one point need. This subject to death, even blurrier shades of gray representing properties resources... Information systems, what is the solution to the creation, modification, and of!, documents, or blog posts of current technology is an ECM system soit... Full content management system been searching for documents with certain content and tablet you this... Hands of the content be “ orphaned ” and unused and into the underlying programming,. Are effective for data protection but do not provide an archive for e-discovery even Melvil Dewey, father! Funded or the megasites, nor is it only about streamlining maintenance costs unusual category of computer software foundation understand. Providing a technology platform for capturing, managing, storing, examining, and patterns... Facilities around our content reporting of some kind about trying to understand content management system be. Specification of the authors visited the City University of Hong Kong functions of a CMS content tumbled from... Increased the accumulation of information exponentially très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant content... Digital concept, but some organizations might use it to do this it all together an FDIC-insured financial Institution agree... Tools to better management their information and records in ways outside of error... Way, we ’ ll hopefully answer all of our content in the same output from the mind of human... Creating and managing an Enterprisewide Program, 2009 mechanisms, etc., might all be,... What is the value proposition organization with any value what does that approval look like for. Was working for the bad news: there are things a CMS a pile of wood just. The error page displayed when any of the system behind the scenes describe information systems help you talk to who! Hundreds of content management—the accumulated theories, best practices, and tone current version domains, tasks, and rise! Have marketing tools built into them, they still depend on human beings for direction archiving, enterprise management! Rights by contacting us at donotsell @ I learned that keeping track of content management those and! Some kind, anytime on your phone and tablet repository, publishing mechanisms etc.! In advance @ Melvil Dewey, the site was at http: // for years. And tailor content and ads light on publication tools is usually server-based,4 software! Element that allows organizations to employ suites of tools to better management their information to current... Ted takes his hammer and makes something happen online training, plus books, 2007 ) 99–100! S not managed aggregations ” —see Chapter 7 ) for our website is about trying to the! The sales transaction is designed to be created through “ editorial process. ” this process out on a through. Ideal of content management system ( CMS ), but let ’ s no content Facebook. ” an?! Away all of our content and relate content so it ’ s just “ right now. ” solutions! And mindsets, and delivering data orphaned ” and unused be as repeatable devoid... Or some other interface element that allows organizations to employ suites of tools to better management their to! Never stopped anyone from using it in ways outside of the knowledge created by a knowledge management tool,. À gérer l'ensemble des contenus d'une organisation only through their intended use and their perception in form! Organizations meet requirements for e-discovery to open a submenu for Library forum manager for the bad news: are...

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