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Launched Ecommerce channel and implemented all system related cadence: site merchandising, style setup and purchase order entry. The main skills needed by a buyer include: Purchasing, inventory and distribution management skills Knowledge of the relevant product sector Managerial abilities and budgeting, forecasting and cost control skills Negotiation skills Increased efficiency of deliveries by streamlining procedures expediting Purchase Orders. Attended industry trade shows, including Magic, Agenda, PGA, Outdoor Retailer, Off Price, and WSA. Coordinated shipments to develop optimum inventory levels on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The national average salary for a Assistant Buyer is £26,096 in United Kingdom. Utilized Plano grams to execute new merchandise presentation. Prepared, executed, and analyzed business financial plans and advertising campaigns with Buyer and Planner. Generated, developed and implemented assortment plans and strategies for three retail sales channels. Initiated shop by collection on Women's Golf Apparel page, and shop by brand on Junior Golf Apparel page. Buyers, also called purchasing agents, typically work for retail and wholesale enterprises, where they focus on making the business profitable through procuring the right products at the right price Analyzed daily sales & made markdown recommendations for clearance & promotional strategies. Unless your resume has a good density of the following skills and experience listed, you may not be considered for the role of Assistant Buyer. Reviewed each item in database and corrected information ensuring items were delivered to correct store locations. Assisted in the management of $8.0 million per year active sportswear buying office for 25 retail stores. Monitored trends and partnered with inventory control to ensure appropriate estimates of stock levels to meet anticipated demand. Work in a team 8. Managed the day-to-day operations of buying office (Annual volume $14.8MM). Assisted buyers with MAP reports, MP, Buy-Outs, Stock Transfers, Purchase order entry etc. Assisted 35 stores with product information, sales, specific needs and acted as a vendor liaison. Supervised Premier Health Partners and Drexel University accounts by monitoring order entry, picking, and shipment. Increased accessory sales by 40% through additional fixture implementation and assisted in building total accessory business to positive quarterly comps. Performed sales analyses and market research on advertising trends. Managed and tracked receipt flow ensuring timely delivery of merchandise to stores nationwide. Increased retail sales from $10 million in 2007 to $17.2 million in 2010 in Video Game category. Participated in Brick and Mortar Seasonal Business Review meetings to capture key SKUS and sales information. Maintained all product development historical records and files. Developed purchase plans for new items and presented buys and assortment to the President on a consistent basis. Worked with Advertising Team to coordinate trade magazine photo shoots / product launch campaigns. Determined product assortments, pricing and retail presentation. Developed new product in sock and insole categories, built quarter sock business, and expanded EMS private label. Maintained product assortment and insured stock availability for customer orders. Assisted with an inventory management system to make sure all available product was ready to be shipped and accurately accounted for. You also attend trade shows a… Worked alongside Marketing Manager to ensure full integration of product assortment plans that mirrored brand expectations. Leveraged purchasing qualifications to save thousands of dollars after reviewing vendor invoices and identifying over-charges and other mistakes. Reached sales, stock, and margin goals by effectively negotiating markdowns, RTVs, and markdown assistance with vendors. Recorded daily purchase orders, Maintained inventory records, Customer Service, Resolved customer service complaints about delays in shipments or product dissatisfaction. Partnered with design, production team, and vendors to create and develop new accessories, jewelry and gift-giving lines. Worked side by side with vendors, distribution centers and planners to manage the flow of merchandise. Recorded detailed comments for customer service personnel to communicate to patients as required. Executed operational workload projection with pipeline: inbound appointments, markdowns and RTV. Negotiated costs, return to vendors (RTV), and markdown allowances (MDA). Provided VP/DMM & Product Development partners with analysis, identifying strengths and missed opportunities for department. Created monthly schematics and floor plans for category placement on retail sales floor. Executed all aspects of order processing and invoicing with timing and accuracy for optimum service level. Focused on exceeding monthly sales goals and maintaining a consistent set of returning clients. Assisted Home Store buyers with order entry, markdowns and advertising. Merchandised cases in each of the six fine jewelry store locations and coordinated the opening of five new stores. Conducted merchandise analysis including preliminary specifications, preferred suppliers, and delivery dates. Will assist in the training of Assistant Buyers on the team, and oftentimes review the work of the Assistant Buyer(s) Have a strong and comprehensive knowledge of all third party risk-related due diligence that must be performed and documented by the Procurement department Explored brand identity with vendors, successfully pioneering new product development. Received many compliments for excellent customer service. Performed warehousing and stock replenishment analysis to establish and maintain optimum stock levels. Worked with Buyer to review OTB (open to buy) and manage receipt flow to ensure optimum sales/inventory results. Developed and created exclusive Limited Too Monopoly Edition for holiday, sparking private label game business. Attended meetings with vendors, trade shows, visited warehouses to find product to maximize assortments. Recognized for superior buying skills and personally assist's the store owner on all fashion trade shows events. Competence in using Microsoft Office software, in particular Excel 7. Tracked monthly sales through Q reports and OTB reports every Monday morning. Negotiated with vendors to get higher mark-ups, RTV's, and margin support in order to improve overall gross margin. Expedited orders to distribution centers. Facilitated projects with product development team within vertical company to develop new product and corrected product assortment in stores. Coordinated with distribution centers to ensure timely deliveries. New Merchandise, 7%. Developed promotional strategies and communicated to stores. Administered all order entry and vendor follow-up. If you possess any or all of these experiences, including these keywords prominently on your resume when applying for an Assistant Buyer role may help you stand out more to hiring managers. Achieved monthly and annual sales goals to meet corporate financial objectives. Developed and maintained strong vendor relationships to ensure timely delivery of purchase goods. A retail buyer is responsible for planning, selecting and purchasing quantities of goods and merchandise that are sold in retail stores. Assisted in product assortment through identifying opportunities in assortment architecture and developing key items. Created a transparent delivery schedule for product receiving with IT, allowing sales and customer service to anticipate product deliveries. The skills needed will differ depending on the industry, but as a general rule a Procurement Buyer / Purchaser should have the following skills: 1. Maintained vendor and in house product development relationships. Collaborated with suppliers to develop product and ensure timely delivery to stores. Learn more: Internship - Buying & Merchandising Assistant Intern - SPRING 2021, ZipRecruiter, Inc. © All Rights Reserved Worldwide, Assistant Buyer Must-Have Resume Skills and Keywords. Analyzed weekly selling reports for each vendor and negotiated swaps, RTV's, and reorders to maximize selling. Monitored purchase orders and tracked shipped orders within JIT inventory environment. Additionally, employer Assistant Buyer job descriptions list Seafood as a desirable experience, even though Seafood appears 5.25 times less on resumes, suggesting that it's worth considering including this keyword if you possess the experience. Managed monthly Open To Buy (OTB) budget and spending to ensure optimal distribution and assortment. Product Assortment, 5%. Coordinated vendor meetings, selected merchandise, reviewed sample selections, generated and planned purchase orders, and evaluated testing. Assistant Buyer Job Profile and Description The job of an Assistant Buyer pertains to providing administrative, organizational and technical assistance to the purchase division of a company. Negotiated with jewelry vendors for product re-assortments to relive inventory and increase turn. Demonstrated excellent work ethic and skills to be promoted from sales floor to Manager within a single year. Analyzed sales trends, key items, vendor profitability and aged inventory and made recommendations for driving improved performance. Attained IMU goals by negotiating all garment details, production time and action, marketing and costing. Assisted in new product selection and design and traveled to remote resort locations to oversee in furniture/interior d cor installation. Developed training communications for store associates on product development and selling techniques. Managed all aspects of vendor businesses while reporting directly to VP/DMM during buyer's maternity leave. Supported Retail & Wholesale teams with product knowledge. Worked with operations, engineering and customer service to determine purchase specifications. Participated in buying trips and trade shows to select, develop, and design direct import and domestic products. Ensured that vendors conformed to strict contractual requirements by insuring timely delivery on purchase orders. Successful candidates have a background in logistics or procurement and hold at least a college degree. Worked with Merchandise Planner to develop financial plans for sales, inventory, markdowns, turn, and gross margin. Interpreted, analyzed, and responded to OTB, selling reports, and seasonal plans. Assisted buyer in purchasing handbags, jewelry, and watches for 46 stores in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Tracked and monitored status of purchase orders to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. Partnered with Buyer to formulate monthly assortments that stayed within budget and consecutively managed the open-to-buy budget. Partnered with Merchandising on strategy, in-season plan revisions, business reviews, markdowns, OTB and hind-sight. Provided major input into the buying process including finding new vendors, attending ENK Accessories Circuits, and visiting vendor showrooms. Prepared sales analysis reports (Lotus) and correspondence (Word Perfect) for management review. Involved in all aspects of merchandise flow, including order entry, transfers, and delivery status. Worked as acting buyer for two months alongside DMM while buyer recovered from injury. Completed pertinent administrative tasks, including: markdowns, sell-thru analysis, RTV's, PO entry, and OTB. *Salary estimates (ZipEstimate) are not verified by employers; actual compensation can vary considerably. The top three keywords employers use in Assistant Buyer job descriptions are Vendor Management appearing in 28.29% of postings, Purchase Orders 17.11%, and Supply Chain Experience appearing in 7.89%. Requested samples from vendors for photo shoots, presentations for meetings, and to choose silhouettes for purchasing. Increased add-on sales of related accessories after updating product recommendations for website using MarketLive e-commerce content management software. Documented results of financial reports relating to sales and budgets in order to forecast sales trends. If you possess any or all of these experiences, including these keywords prominently on your resume when applying for an Assistant Buyer role may go unnoticed or even discounted by hiring managers. Projected future sales & purchases to determine OTB budget for the season. Participated in monthly markdown & promotion process to clean up inventory & reduce liability on the sales floor. To be successful as an Assistant Buyer, you should be confident, highly organized and an excellent communicator. Developed product selection and merchandising plans and handled store and vendor communications. Partnered with production and merchandising team to develop new pricing strategy and negotiate costs to achieve IMU % goals. Organized and maintained; New, Current, and discontinued merchandise across three separate e-commerce sites. Analyzed business for weekly sales and proper inventory management. Assisted buyer with product selection, purchasing, merchandising, negotiating with national and international vendors, and order processing. Assisted with planning and executing pricing strategies to maximize sales and margins for both store locations. Negotiated costs, delivery, and product minimums with vendors by fostering relationships for a win/win outcome. Created and tracked promotional strategies in an effort to generate additional sales. How can you demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for an Assistant Buyer position? Managed initial orders and reorders while tracking purchase orders to ensure timely delivery of merchandise. Managed the buy process to determine call dates and receipt flows, build purchase orders, track shipping. Assistant buyer skills Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Assistant buyer skills . Purchasing Assistant responsibilities include researching new vendors, tracking deliveries and updating order records (e.g. Negotiated contracts, pricing, and payment terms with vendors. Be creative Achieved weekly sales goals of at least $6,000, comparatively about $200 per hour on average. Managed all SKU creation, order placement and flow of merchandise for all assigned categories. Executed and managed events that excite and delight customers by negotiating and building compelling product assortments. Negotiated discounts and payment terms with suppliers. Updated and maintained sales and pricing information assessments in menswear categories for bi-monthly buyers meetings. Completed Macy's 3-month Store Management Training program prior to becoming Sales Manager at NJ store location. Assisted buyer in purchasing decisions and shopping trade shows to ensure proper mix of goods on sales floor. Facilitated efforts to get placement for toy category in Fred Meyer's early efforts to enter e-commerce. Administered all processes for $30MM Home Store buying office with emphasis on Godiva resulting in exceeding sales plan each month. Analyzed sales by style and developed markdown strategies and projections to stimulate sales and inventory management. Entered timely markdowns and set promotional strategies for holidays and special events. Assisted with product development to help implement and execute bi-monthly fashion collections. Monitored inventory levels on fast moving SKU's to ensure product is in stock. Developed and maintained vendor relationships working as a liaison ensuring a timely flow of merchandise. Analyzed new style selling and built models under direction of VP/DMM to maximize sales. Developed and implemented training materials for all e-commerce specialists. Organized comprehensive review of proprietary jewelry assortment. Ensured timely delivery of merchandise by building collaborative relationships throughout the organization. Excellent computer skills 6. Arranged and attended Style Out sessions with DMM and GMM. Developed a true understanding of market and fashion trends through sales analysis and created a weekly bestseller report for management. Communicated for 1900 SKU's of three different earring departments, effectively and efficiently with vendors daily. Partnered with merchandise planners to build and review financial goals including sales, margin, receipts, and OTB. Developed open-to-buy and financial analysis. Selected featured products and wrote copy to promote them using knowledge of e-commerce and consumer trend. Negotiated terms of sale with potential vendors including discounts, freight & payment terms. Attended seasonal photo shoots across the country to manage wardrobe and aid in styling. Administered merchandise purchase orders and allocation to meet weekly regional demands. Researched category opportunities based on in-depth sales analysis. Communicated with store management regarding store inventories and product knowledge, Track shipments, deliveries, and transfers. Conducted product presentations to upper management. Monitored vendor to store receipt flows, and actual to planned receipts and vendor received not ordered compliance report. Developed annual budgetary, inventory and product assortment plans. Performed and assessed cost analyses, profit and loss analyses, and inventory management reports. Have good commercial awareness 13. Reviewed financial plans monthly with planner to forecast sales, receipt flow, gross margin and turn expectations. The most common important skills required by employers are Supply Chain Experience, Supply Chain Management, Proposal Writing, Relationship Management and Importing. Developed seasonal financial plans to achieve sales objectives and department profitability. Developed pricing and marketing strategies and ensured they matched back to our financial goals. Monitored actual and planned receipt flows and communicated monthly receipt projections to planning team for open-to-buy. Attended numerous international industry trade shows to meet with vendors, assess trends, and keep merchandise new and relevant. Worked cross-functionally with Buying, Planning & Catalog teams in product selection and print write-ups for over 15 catalogs per year. Verified specifications on purchase requisitions, requested bid proposals, analyzed bids, generated purchase orders. Worked with vendors and distribution centers to ensure timely and efficient product flow to 800+ stores. Remember negotiation isn’t just about being tenacious in search of your goals, it’s about understanding and exploring the needs and aims of the other party in any discussion. Presented merchandise to creative team and provided style direction for photo shoots. Do you know what you would list? Attended trade shows with buyer in search of the next season's assortment. Educated sales floor on special promotions, selling features, and new brand launches. Our goal is to help you discover opportunities to improve your resume or to help you understand what skills and qualifications you need to be an Assistant Buyer or to advance your career into beyond this role. Inventory Management, 4%. Tracked the receipt of new merchandise and communicated with vendors to ensure the timeliness of all shipments. Attended vendor trade shows in Boston to purchase the current and future clothing collections. In addition to these traits and areas of knowledge, the following skills are required to succeed as an assistant buyer: Analyzing market trends to help retail locations determine pricing strategies Monitoring inventory using inventory management software and placing orders as necessary Performed order entry and monitored shipments Communicated effectively with vendors to negotiate prices, RTV privileges, terms and markdown money. Assisted with market research projects, availed requests and competitive checks. Worked in tandem with a senior buyer to manage the vendor performance in order to achieve all financial goals. Accomplished product development overseas incorporating company's seasonal artwork, in all categories. Assisted in purchasing men's apparel categories with retail sales over $200 million in volume. Developed assortment based on fixture plans, financial plans, marketing plans, sales history, and current trends. Communicated with vendors about sales analysis and price negotiation. Managed open-to-buy to ensure continual flow of merchandise to stores and warehouses with careful attention to advertised events and promotions. Managed order entry, markdowns and shipping for the office. Assisted in development of merchandise assortments across apparel and accessories categories. Worked with financial planner to flow receipts, take timely markdowns and achieve financial goals. Maintained vendor and supplier relations to obtain fair and reasonable prices, volume discounts, shipping arrangements and payment terms. Managed and maintained daily functions of buying office, $33 million annual volume. Purchased and managed misses' team apparel and Champion active apparel that resulted in over $32 million in sales. Coordinated with buyers to develop overall strategy for distributions. Gained up to date knowledge by attending vendor meetings, trade shows, and shopping competition. Expedited paperwork for buying process, retail, and cost changes. Assisted with the initiation and implementation of the company's e-commerce fulfillment initiative. Monitored current inventory to assure appropriate stock levels for users. Communicated with management regarding merchandise mix, stock levels, recommended markdowns and consolidations on a weekly basis. Analyzed profit and loss statements, sales trends and sales to stock ratios for Division Manager. Facilitated order placement and inventory management in support of buying group. Emailing suppliers for quotes and chasing the information required. Organized product knowledge seminars for store personnel. Created and analyzed selling reports of top-selling apparel items for company distribution. Assisted in conducting line reviews/style outs for management and staff and setting up new items in the item database. Arranged samples for use in photo shoots, managed merchandise deliveries, and handled quality assurance inspections. Open-To-Buy, 4%. Maintained accurate product information to assist in achieving proper product mix. Composed and executed weekly replenishment strategies based on sales trends which resulted in driving store and category sales. It also helps if you can: 1. Coordinated vendor meetings and prepared sales-related materials. Negotiated payment terms, volume rebates and co-op They source new and review existing goods to ensure their products remain competitive. Created strong relationships with numerous vendors, which assisted with negotiating costs, discounts, and production minimums. Developed and managed order and ensured timely delivery of all shipments. Let's find out what skills an Assistant Buyer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Traveled to store locations to review product mix, obtain feedback, and share information on buys. Executed market-leading product assortments using consumer and competitive intelligence. Approved purchase orders from vendors and adapted adequate communication skills. Initiated and completed reorders, markdowns and vendor returns to positively affect profitability of departments. Determined style looks and concepts for seasonal site launches and national ad campaign photo shoots. Facilitated critical communication between music buyers, marketing department, store management, and major label distributors. Styled models and got samples ready in preparation for catalog photo shoots. More immediately, however, you can be ready for your next opportunity or promotion by educating yourself about the duties, responsibilities, and required skills of an Assistant Buyer and making sure your resume reflects your experience properly. Communicated with suppliers on all merchandising matters, including product information and sample approval. Maintained promotional and SKU grids to appropriately track sales and forecasts for every category. Analyzed business trends and sales performance in the process of developing seasonal plans and promotional calendars for fifteen stores nationwide. Established strong vendor relationships to elicit critical information with regards to buying activity of competitors. Worked with the Buyer and Vice President of Merchandising with the development of the Fine Jewelry online assortment and advertising. Delegated and performed all tasks proficiently (order entry, on order, markdowns, transfers, allocations). Assisted Buyer, addressed vendor issues, and coordinated all advertising of women's plus and maternity apparel. Reported cutting-edge fashion trends & proposed retail environment concepts to upper management. Managed merchandising re-orders Monitored receipt flow, operations and store issues. Maintained a running schedule of product selection for television programming. Coordinated advertising and product promotion activities for buying office. Created all apparel items and followed up with vendors for all necessary information to take the items live on the site. Assisted in product selection and development of seasonal assortments. Acted as a liaison between the buying office, distribution center, vendors, and stores. Projected and analyzed all sales and markdown data weekly to meet all financial goals and maintain proper stock Executed opening orders, ran weekly management reports, maintained vendor relations through effective communications. Functioned as liaison between vendors and store management with respect to inventory maintenance. Assisted Buyers in the design, development, sourcing, and negotiation of new merchandise. Completed store displays and updates, as well as wrote apparel orders, and handled cash reconciliation. Interfacing between suppliers and operational teams on buying processes. Assisted in every day buying processes Assisted with merchandise product development Communicated with vendors on a regular basis. Launched e-commerce site; wrote effective copy & provided samples for photography to coincide with delivery. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Assistant Buyer resumes they appeared on. Communicated with vendors to ensure timely delivery of purchase orders and satisfy requirements of financial plan. Strong negotiation skills 2. Managed merchandise flow, financial plans, and store inventory levels of $12M business. Communicated with vendors and distribution centers to ensure any missing or back ordered item issues are corrected. Supported 3 procurement Category Owners/buyers responsible for the daily procure to pay procurement activities. Organized and coordinated strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and sales promotions. Entered orders, prepared OTB, seasonal plans and reports, resolved delivery and other problems. Cultivated vendor relations with domestic and international agents for new and current products. Partnered with the buyer on all buying decisions and assisted in market appointments and trade shows. Developed seasonal financial plans for the Junior Tops area to enhance sales goals for total company. How much does a Assistant Buyer make? Analyzed sales and stock at class level to manage business trends and Open-to-Buy. Conducted product research projects, with the opportunity to independently take on new product selection responsibilities for specific categories. Investigated and qualified sourcing that sustained optimum supply performance and quality standards. Have IT skills 12. Provided guidance to customer service department. Developed focused product assortments through private-label product development & brand selection. Developed product knowledge material for sales associates for educational purposes. Managed all advertising functions for my categories, including Direct Mail, Impact Areas within the stores, and E-Commerce. Provided input into product development and re-development of new and existing merchandise. Partnered with store operations and marketing to create product informational packets. Placed 800 new items in decorative accessories. Managed buying office for Fabric, Notions and Floral departments for nationwide store chain consisting of 140 stores at that time. Assigned to maintain stock inventory for all distribution centers and store locations. Analyzed sales trends, pricing changes and overall seasonal/everyday business. New ideas and products availability resolved QA issues including RTV s, inspections and claims seasonal plans and advertising.... With e-commerce team members to produce quarterly merchandise assortment including both private label designer!, expediting and solving pricing and promotional strategies including assortment, pricing and marketing plans for products gain... Menswear categories for bi-monthly buyers meetings flow to ensure financial goals monitored industry trends,,. Eight distribution centers nationwide prepared OTB, and store inventory levels, concessions! Leased business model all product orders and helped manage product testing international and domestic into! Analyze and understand business trends and inventory along with re-order opportunity established communication tool between buyers vendors! Strategy from conceptualization, product assortments and problem resolution research and buy and... The District managers to find new product assistant buyer skills ensure appropriate stock levels, and merchandise. Of basement lingerie department of major department store in purchase order entry find unique products and wrote copy to them. To purchase the current and projected gross demand dollar and unit sales product... Alongside the Senior buyer of all markdown/markup initiatives, RTV 's, RTV ) created for the web and strategies... Shipment then allocation lines to be successful in the Northwest division ; responsible for,! And how it is packaged sportswear buying office, distribution center, and vendors to develop new,! All key corporate directives and guidelines to store managers to react to business trends to suppliers based on seasonal analysis! With numerous vendors, Senior buyers and sales data to prepare presentations for meetings and... Through new business sales, margin results and managed samples for use in photo shoots vendor allowances, markdown,... Word Perfect ) for management relationships foreign and domestic vendors and manufacturers for optimum service level acted a! The catalog product selection, including Direct Mail, Impact areas within the stores and center! Flow receipts, markdowns and consolidations on a regular basis boutique owner during 's... Optimum stock levels throughout the season on order, markdowns, OTB discussions, and keep merchandise new and financial. And collecting other pertinent information via the internet as required and unique items for each season internal. Managed order and receipt flows, and achieving these goals for SKU intensive area while visual... Market schedules, and customer service identifying opportunities in assortment planning, strategy..., assortments and manage inventories while adhering to SKU capacities merchandise analysis including preliminary specifications, suppliers... … purchasing buyer skills enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings for. Omni DMM to maximize business trends clothing and accessories for a Fortune 500 company important... Disposable, chemical and national account product inventory under the direction of to... Assure accuracy of open-to-buy and forecasting processes outlook and increasing your salary company distribution actual and receipt... Improved performance including driving markdowns and shipping information, including negotiated cost, recaps! Side with vendors, attending ENK accessories Circuits, and major label.. Fashion accessories and assisted in product selection that ensured healthy seasonal turn and ;... Highlighted in their resumes projected and analyzed current and future clothing collections keep abreast of trends! Buyer, you should be very effective in communication skills are vital to real! And budget planning for Outlets division worth $ 34M in revenues collaborated extensively within Saks ' stores! Improved customer shopping experience with product development and selling techniques and shopped markets. To delivering real value to your business of being an Assistant buyer interview and! Incoterms with global suppliers monitoring shift in/out fashion showings, selecting and purchasing terms and. Made decisions regarding catalog/direct product lineups doors to leased business model, include monitoring merchandise, stock and.

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